Rob Goddard

Rob's considerable experience in the Financial and Mergers & Acquisitions Sector makes him an experienced, astute businessman - exactly the characteristics his clients need when selling their companies.  He has been responsible for the sale of several hundred privately-owned businesses, totaling over £2bn in transaction value.

There are only two exits in business life, one where you sell your business at the “right” time and for the “right” price and the other is the Steve Jobs exit strategy, dying at the desk.  It’s as stark as that, it really is.  

Why not take control of your destiny and future plans, rather than let life’s external events such as divorce, serious illness or death dictate to you when to sell your business?  Selling for a negative reason enables the purchaser to exercise control of the negotiation, resulting in a drop in price and reduction of terms.

97% of UK businesses have sales revenues of less than £500,000, and only 3% have a formal plan.  Is there a connection I wonder?

If you want to take control of your future, have a plan, be flexible, but have an end goal in mind.  If you want that and more, contact me for a chat on  You may also find my latest book helpful in your thought process.​

Why plan your exit strategy?